Septic Treatment Systems

There are a number of options available for septic treatment systems, what you use depends on the situation. We can supply and install both domestic and commercial septic tanks.

Septech Turbojet 2000 Treatment System

The Septech Turbojet 2000 is a compact multi tank aeration treatment system perfect for most domestic applications. The system can safely and efficiently service the needs of up to ten people, treating up to 2,000 litres of household wastewater per day. Additionally the product has a variety of access covers and irrigation options to suit your needs and your garden decor.

The Septech Treatment system is of concrete in structure. Sewerage from the home is gravity feed into the Primary Sewage Tank where the waste undergoes settlement and digestion during a retention period of approximately 48 hours.

The settled wastewater then flows into the Turbojet Unit. This unit is divided into two distinct chambers – submerged contact aeration (SCA) tank and Humus Tank. During regular time clock intervals, water and air is pumped into the SCA tank by means of strategically placed jets. The jets are positioned so as to cause vigorous turbulence of the tank contents. Effluent entering the SCA chamber is forced into a spiralling flow pattern. A biomass develops within the sludge particles tumbling through the tank. This biomass assimilates nutrients and oxygen from the water leading to gradual reduction of impurities as the effluent passes through the tank (retention period of approximately 48 hours).

Treated effluent then overflows to the pump tank where it is then automatically pumped to a designated irrigation system.

Septech Turbojet 2000 features:

  • 240volt /400 watt submersible pump
  • Icon-Septech Electronic Controller
  • Primary Concrete Sewage Tank 1.6 x 2.3m
  • Submerged Concrete Contact Aeration Tank 1.6 x 1.3m
  • Humus Concrete Settling Tank 1.6 x 1m
  • Contact Stabilisation Block Media
  • Chlorine Contact Tank (where specified)
  • Chlorination Equipment
  • Freeboard (Exceeds EPA & Health Standards)
  • Meets Noise Pollution Standards
  • Electrical Control Panel & Alarm

Septic Turbojet 2000 Installation

Sand Filtered Treatment Systems

Sand Filter Treatment Systems offer an environmentally sound effluent treatment method for properties that wish to reclaim the water through an irrigation system.

  • EPA and local council approved systems
  • Under ground systems with no unsightly boxes in your garden
  • One pump that operates only as you use the system for maximum energy efficiency, unlike other treatment systems that need to operate for 6-8 hours a day to aerate the sewerage
  • 100% of the water from the home is recycled onto the garden

Sand Filter Treatment Systems are secondary treatment systems, as they require the primary treatment of effluent by a septic tank. They feature an underground bed of sand, which receives the effluent from the septic tank. Sand is a highly effective, naturally absorptive material that can treat effluent to a very high standard.

The treated effluent passes to a land application system and is of sufficient quality to be used for irrigation.


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