Septic Treatment Systems

There are a number of options available for septic treatment systems, what you use depends on the situation. We can supply and install both domestic and commercial septic tanks.

Econocycle, what is it?

The Econocycle Wastewater Treatment System is as its name implies, an economical and efficient way of recycling your household waste water. The high performance Econocycle system is constantly monitored and improved as new technologies are developed or become available, so you can be assured of the most up to date wastewater treatment system. After all, your family’s health is involved.

Econocycle has only quality inclusions like a high volume air compressor that has proven to be very reliable. They are industrial quality, used not only by Econocycle but also in medical applications due to their efficiency and reliability.The air pump serves a dual purpose, mainly it provides oxygen for the aerobic bacteria, and the added benefit of constant sludge control and cleaning.

The irrigation pump is a submersible pump with no chance of the pump losing its prime. Its quality construction (including an open impeller) guarantees trouble-free operation for many years.

The substance of bacteria activity within the system is the key to the successful operation. The greater the media surface area the more efficient growth cycle is sustained. Econocycle utilises large packs of self-cleaning (by aeration) bacterial growth media (well above required minimum standards).

With a range of systems to choose from and varied irrigation packages the helpful staff of Econocycle can help you choose the system that is right for you and your family.

When choosing an AWTS (Aerated Wastewater Treatment System), remember Econocycle is safe and efficient, uses only quality products, is economical to use, is fully automatic and has proven reliability.


Taylex Wastewater Treatment Systems

Taylex Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment Systems are safe, environmentally sound, reliable and cost efficient. Our advanced systems use natural processes to turn wastewater into clean, safe water which can be recycled on-site.

Taylex Advanced Secondary Wastewater Systems act like a mini municipal treatment plant, utilising the good bacteria that naturally occurs in your home’s wastewater, to consume the harmful bacteria.

By installing a Taylex System you will be able to reclaim your household wastewater and obtain clean, clear water to irrigate your yard. The treated water that will come from your Taylex Advanced Secondary Wastewater System is 65 times cleaner than septic tank effluent, and at least 5 times cleaner than effluent from most other treatment systems.

Taylex ABS systems are designed to process and treat up to 2,000L of wastewater. Average wastewater generated per day:

0 Litres
Per Person Per Day
0 Litres
Family of Four Per Day

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