Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tanks require on-going maintenance in order to stay in working order. There are a number of areas within a septic tank construction which requires monitoring.

It’s easy to forget about your septic tank until you receive an unpleasant reminder that something has gone wrong. Blocked toilets and bad smells are things you can avoid with a good septic tank maintenance plan. Your maintenance plan can avoid costly pump outs, so keep in mind prevention is better than the cure.

We use an environmentally friendly product called Ecocare Activator. Ecocare Activator is a blend of natural ingredients and biological stimulants that combine to kill odours on contact, cut through grease, fat and grime, break down solids and condition and maintain a healthy bacterial balance – ensuring the effective and efficient breakdown of waste. Many problems with septic tanks can be caused by the use of harsh chemical-based cleaners and non-biodegradable detergents that kill off good bacteria and upset the balance of your system. Smells, and worse, blockages are quick to follow.

Ecocare Activator is available from Geelong Septic Tanks, if you want to purchase this product, please give us a call on 5248 2192.

It is recommended that Septic Tanks be servicing at least once a year and pump-outs needed once every three years. If you require servicing of your septic tanks, Geelong Septic Tanks provide a fast, reliable and friendly maintenance service for:

A full maintenance service to all your septic pump needs.

Pump Outs
Pump outs of all septic and treatment tank systems.

Irrigation Systems
We service and flush out existing irrigation systems for effective operation.

Cross Section Septic Tank Diagram


Areas we provide Septic Tanks Servicing

  • Geelong area
  • Golden Plains Shire
  • Colac Otway Shire
  • Surf Coast Shire
  • Moorabool Shire
  • Bellarine Peninsula

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