About Geelong Septic Tanks

A brief history.

Geelong Septic Tanks is a third generation family owned and operated business.

It started just over 50 years ago with father/son team Noel and Brian Gray. The foundations of the business were built on hard work ethics, quality workmanship and outstanding customers service.

In 2005, Brian’s son Josh took over running the business. In this time Geelong Septics has gone onto employ a full-time apprentice, full time qualified plumber and our reliable truck driver Steve. The fleet has also changed significantly in that time moving from using only a backhoe to the majority of the work now carried out by an excavator, skid steer, Vermeer’s and our trucks.

Josh has continued to build on and expand the business whilst also maintaining hard work ethics, quality workmanship and outstanding customers service.

What sets us apart?

We specialise in the supply and installation of septic tanks, the knowledge we have gained through 50 years of work stacks up well. We have witnessed an industry evolve with some vast steps forward in technology in the past 20 years. We have been at the forefront of exploring all options for our clients.

We live in the age of research and “asking Google”, we are aware there is a lot of information on the internet about septic tanks and underground tanks. When you speak to us, we’ll be able to, through a series of questions quickly get to the solution which best suit your needs.

Geelong Septic Tanks have established themselves as the leaders in our industry in the country Victoria. Our team of four allows us full control over every aspect of the projects we work on, meaning the responsibility and outcome of the job falls on us.

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