Underground Water Tanks

Underground water tanks are a great space saving solution for storing water, let’s face it, water is a valuable commodity which should not be wasted.

As house blocks become smaller and regulations on water usage become tighter in Australia, Geelong Septic Tanks offers a reliable way to store natural rainwater for your home that takes up no extra space in your yard.

We offer complete supply and installation of concrete underground water tanks. By installing a concrete underground water tank you can maximise your garden space while reducing your water bills and minimising the drain on town’s water supply.

Tank Construction

Our tanks are individually wet cast from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete so there are no joints between the wall and floor. A watertight seal is ensured by one-pour casting and rigorous manufacturing processes that meet the requirements of AS1546.1. For extra strength, all inlets and outlets are cast in the tank, and the lid bonded and sealed in the factory.

These tanks are ideal for rainwater storage or transfer tanks to pump storm water to above ground tanks.

Tanks Sizes

The tanks come in 4,000 litre capacities and can be doubled to 8,000 litres or tripled to 12,000 litres upon request.


Underground Water Tanks Gallery

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