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Want to reclaim water from your sewerage? Then a sand filtered treatment system offers and environmentally friendly effluent treatment method to reclaim water and use for irrigation.

Sand Filter Treatment Systems offer an environmentally sound effluent treatment method for properties that wish to reclaim the water through an irrigation system.

  • EPA and local council approved systems
  • Under ground systems with no unsightly boxes in your garden
  • One pump that operates only as you use the system for maximum energy efficiency, unlike other treatment systems that need to operate for 6-8 hours a day to aerate the sewerage
  • 100% of the water from the home is recycled onto the garden

Sand Filter Treatment Systems are secondary treatment systems, as they require the primary treatment of effluent by a septic tank. They feature an underground bed of sand, which receives the effluent from the septic tank. Sand is a highly effective, naturally absorptive material that can treat effluent to a very high standard.

The treated effluent passes to a land application system and is of sufficient quality to be used for irrigation.


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